Cult of Rakdos

For the average Ravnican citizen, it a confusing quandary as to why the Cult of Rakdos was allowed into the Guildpact. Whatever function this guild has in the city is unclear, possibly because most of the cult members are sadistic lunatics…and that’s at the very least! Still, the Rakdos have their functions, serving as hired mercenaries, bodyguards, mine-workers and assassins. They are also known for their entertainment functions, with their night clubs, restaurants, pleasure houses and traveling cavalcades seemingly unmatched in all fields.

This, however, is as far as their merits go. The Cult of Rakdos is a thriving center for the most depraved minds on the plane. Hedonism, masochism, nihilism and just about any other negative “ism” you can think of are not only found here, but encouraged. Its members seek instant gratification in whatever they please, and this usually consists of wonton violence, destruction and torture. “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye,” goes one thrill-killer saying. “Then it’s a riot!” Rakdos festivals and holidays as numerous as they are frequent, and when their dark carnivals roll into a city quarter and set down, the wise quickly vacate the neighborhood for as long as it goes, while the bold or reckless find reason to sample the vile delights and risk life and limb to simply enjoy the show.

Organized like a madcap circus, the guild’s only structure is determined by those powerful enough to hold leadership, often known as ringmasters. Such beings tend to have short lifespans. In fact, the mortality rate of the cult is so high that it’s a wonder they didn’t simply die out long ago; Rakdos cultists have been known to enjoy inflicting just as much pain on themselves as they do on others, and if blowing yourself up means you’ll get a few laughs, why not? Rakdos don’t think in the long-term: they live for the now.

Step right up, folks! The show is about to begin!

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness
Guildmaster: Rakdos
Guildhall: Rix Maadi
Values: Values? The Rakdos have no sense of the word. For them, its all about doing what you want when you want to, and enjoying yourself as much as you can, regardless of whose expense it’s done as. It’s not total chaos within the ranks, but it’s close.

Playing Rakdos

"This gonna be fun AND educational!"

First and foremost, Rakdos cultists look out for number one. Everything they do is done in a rampant pursuit of self-gratification. They seek to make their lives more pleasurable, and to get there by the shortest and most efficient (or brutal) means possible, whether it be seeking a new high or ruining a foe that stands in the way of an agenda. All Rakdos are some manner of reckless, and many are borderline suicidal (or just plain suicidal) in their pursuit of happiness; after all, life is short and painful, and if it cannot be lived doing the things you want, why bother? Rare is the thrill-killer that has long-reaching ambitions and calculations for success, but they do exist, and these are often the most dangerous of the guild – these enterprising cultists often become ringmasters, and provide much-needed guidance and direction to what would otherwise be a self-destroying guild.

As a Rakdos, keep in mind that you carry the stigma of your guild with you, and that you really shouldn’t care. You may have a hard time getting on with others, and often prove your value through action rather than interaction. The important thing, though, is to have fun. Not every Rakdos is a murder-happy lunatic…albeit rare as that is.

Cult of Rakdos

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