The Decamillennial was the ten-thousandth celebration of the signing of the Guildpact, though it is more infamous for the events surrounding it than for the date itself. Several major occurrences and incidents would culminate in the fundamental destruction of the Guildpact, though the greater impact was not known until sometime later.

In the weeks leading up to the Festival of the Guildpact, thousands flocked across the plane to the city’s Tenth District, the original Center of Ravnica where the paruns had long ago made the agreement. As tourism skyrocketed, so to did the level of crime, and the Tenth’s branch of the League of Wojek was run ragged dealing with the number of incidents – anything from petty theft to fights to the occasional death. These would only increase as the Decamillennial approached, yet little did anyone suspect that sinister forces were quietly working in the background to turn small crimes into a chain that would further a crushing masterstroke.

One of the first major incidents in connection with the Guildpact’s destruction was the murder of a prominent Selesnya Conclave loxodon, the Living Saint Bayul, as he and his ledev charge made their own pilgrimage to Vitu-Ghazi. A Rakdos suicide bomber destroyed the Tin Street restaurant where the pair were eating, along with a wojek officer who was with them (though it was later revealed that said officer was, in fact, a lurker impersonating the recently-deceased man). The ledev, Fonn Zunich, was confirmed to have survived the explosion and had gone missing, the wojeks putting out a warrant for her arrest to question her involvement.

Around the same time, Savra vod Savo staged a coup against the Sisters of Stone Death, leading an army of teratogens and zombies against the Golgari hierarchy. with the aid of the parun Svogthir she felled all but one of the gorgon trio, the lone survivor swearing fealty to her. Svogthir was then killed by Savra, the latter taking leadership of the Swarm.

On the eve of the Decamillenial, a number of further jarring events occurred. As the multitudes of folk in the Tenth traveled to Vitu-Ghazi to take part in the yearly Convocation ritual – a holy event in which all life on Ravnica could be attuned to the unifying Song of the Conclave – the guild’s enigmatic quietmen suddenly went rogue, attacking several places around the district. Meanwhile, a Golgari army sieged the wojek headquarters at Centerfort, initiating the first open conflict between guilds in centuries. Though the ’jeks called from aid from the Boros angels, there was no sign of them or their fortress airship, Parhelion.

With the bulk of the wojeks preoccupied, there was little to be done to stop the quietmen as they harried people to the great City-Tree, where they were ensnared in the hypnotic spell of the Song. There, the Chorus of the Conclave – the dryad figureheads of the guild – prepared to welcome their newest member: Savra.

It was uncovered later that Savra had been planning for decades to seize power and join the Conclave to further her ends. She formed an alliance with the House Dimir guildmaster, the vampire Szadek, to infiltrate the Selesnyan ranks and slowly whittle away at their resolve, using a combination of Dimir mind magic and her own necromancy. With a magical gemstone seized from the murdered St. Bayul, she formally became a united member of the Chorus… right before Szadek broke the devkarin matka’s neck.

Her sudden, violent death sent a surge of chaos through the Song, killing the remaining dryads of the Chorus and sending waves of despair and terror through the populace. Szadek then used the quietmen to pull Mat’Selesnya from the depths of the tree so he could feed on her, destroying one of the key uniting factors of the Guildpact. However, he was stopped by a ragtag group consisting of Fonn Zunich, Jarad vod Savo and Agrus Kos, who had been caught up in the vampire’s machinations and followed the winding and messy trail to that point. Kos, being a ‘jek, used the power of the law to arrest Szadek. This stopped the vampire, but had the unknown consequence of eliciting a contradiction in the Guildpact’s ruling, as Szadek was performing his intended function within the pact but was stopped under the same magic by the Boros clauses. The Guildpact was broken, though it would take many years for anyone to realize this was the case.

It would take weeks to repair the damage, both structural and mental, yet the far-reaching effects of the Guildpact’s destruction were yet to be felt.


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