Jarad vod Savo

The master of the Swarm!

Jarad vod Savo is a Devkarin lich and the current guildmaster of the Golgari Swarm. Prior to his death, Jarad was a bounty hunter, mainly working in the depths of the Undercity, skilled enough to have dealt with many high-profile targets, and often contracted to deal with specific Rakdos ringleaders. His twin sister, Savra vod Savo, would eventually initiate a takeover of the guild, mysteriously reviving the long-lost parun of the guild, Svogthir, to aid her in this task, only to seemingly destroy him later. Being used as a unwitting pawn in his sister’s conspiracy did not help matters, and Jarad would eventually challenge Savra’s control of the guild. He played a major role in the events of the Decamillennial, where he helped Agrus Kos confound the coup of the vampire Szadek.

After Savra’s death, Jarad assumed the role of guildmaster, leading the guild as he was until the Dissension Crisis occurred. He was mortally wounded by a blood witch while attempting to save his only son, Myc, from a Rakdos ritual meant to awaken the Lord of Riots, but his hasty application of latent necromancy allowed him to return as a lich. Thus Jarad continues to lead the Golgari as an undead.

While only a shadow of his former self, and not nearly as noted a mage as his sister, Jarad nevertheless wields both dark magic and blade with equal efficiency. The lich is noted for his unique connection with insects, particularly with the beetles that live in droves around and within the vacinity of Korozda; that Jarad is a surprisingly diplomatic and cautious leader despite his condition may be even more surprising. During his life he was vocal in his belief that the guilds needed to remain unified, and in undeath he seeks to maintain a balance of power in as much as he can. He abhors open conflict with the other guilds in the wake of the Guildpact‘s dissolution, mainly defending Golgari territory in the Undercity from encroachment, while seeking to expand and grow the ranks and holds of the Golgari as discreetly as possible. However, of late the Izzet League have made bold attempts and seizing Golgari-controlled areas, and Jarad has become suspicious of the League’s sudden eagerness to explore the Undercity. He has given the Golgari his consent to keep the Izzet out by any means necessary.

Jarad vod Savo

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