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Classes in Ravnica Revisited

While all classes can and are employed by all the guilds, some fit better than others. Below are some suggestions for how the classes intercept with the ideals of the guilds. Archetypes and class options unique to Ravnica may also be included soon.

Alchemist With their love of potions and bizarre experiments, most guilded alchemists fit best in the Izzet League or the Simic Combine. Izzet alchemists tend to favor alchemical bombs and put stock into the creation of intriguing explosives, gleefully dabbling into the power of destruction. Simic alchemists are usually drawn to allure of mutagens, which allows them to understand and perfect their own evolution. Some in the Simic ranks worry that these alchemists are the last vestiges of the Vigian philosophy, harbored by the old Simic.

Barbarian The barbarian is never more among his own kind than when he’s part of the Gruul Clans. Gruul barbarians are practically a no-brainer, as they channel their rage with the outcast status of the Gruul and try to tear down the complicated society. The Cult of Rakdos also houses a great number of barbarians with an evil bent, the sort who take joy in ripping, tearing and smashing their way through their foes. Noble barbarians often find themselves in the rank and file of the Boros Legion, though oftentimes they chafe under the rules and formalities of life outside of battle. Guildless barbarians tend to be street thugs and hired muscle.

Bard A versatile and mobile class, bards find employ in pretty much every guild, and rank high among the guildless as well. Rakdos bards are dark entertainers, often found performing in vile venues and carnivals across Ravnica. Selesnyan bards sing the praises of the Worldsoul and promote the life of the Conclave through art. Some street performers and wandering storytellers could be hidden spies for House Dimir, while Boros and Gruul bards sing of the glory of battle and the visceral rush of blood respectively to boost the morale of allies.

Cavalier Azorius philosophy of order and adherence to a code mesh well with the ideals of the cavalier, as do the philosophies of the Boros, Orzhov and Selesnya. Oddly, cavaliers find a fitting home among the Golgari Swarm, where some noted handlers of giant insects have become skilled at using them for mounts and crusade to promote the cycle of death and rebirth harbored by the guild. Guildless cavaliers tend to be a part of the Haazda, or noble independents fighting for the downtrodden.

Cleric Like the bard, the cleric can be feasibly employed by any guild. Unlike many worlds, Ravnican clerics tend to draw their power more from an ideal than a proper deity, and most clerics are thus guild members, where their domains correlate with the guild’s role. The Orzhov and Selesnya are the most likely guilds for clerics to be members of, as they are Ravnica’s two major organized religions. However, Azorius lawmages, Boros healers and even Rakdos cultists are often clerics.

Druid The role of the druid on an urban plane can seem diminished, yet these champions of nature find ready allies in the Golgari, Gruul, Selesnya and Simic. Golgari druids tend to gravitate toward vermin and other Undercity creatures, and are not as offended by the undead. Gruul druids are often the closest thing the clans have to diplomats and voices of reason, yet they are just as likely to be as savage and brutal as their warriors. Selesnya druids are more refined, trying to find order between settlements and nature. Simic druids are analytical and dedicated in their conservation efforts, looking to keep things natural and robust to further the evolutionary process. Guildless druids are fighting a losing battle, as their few wilderness enclaves are slowly built over or enfolded in the ranks of the nature-based guilds.

Fighter The ever-flexible and differing nature of the fighter has her potentially being in the employ of any guild. Because fighter tend to follow their own paths, however, they are also one of the most common classes to play if one is guildless.

Gunslinger Gunpowder weaponry does not exist in Ravnica, yet the Izzet have created effective but highly-volatile firearms known as bamsticks. Because of this, gunslingers are almost exclusively Izzet, as it takes a special kind of training to efficiently wield a bamstick with any precision. Gunslingers on Ravnica are therefore rare.

Inquisitor As grim agents of faith, inquisitors work best when in a guild where their services are most prized. Most inquisitors are Orzhov by nature, looking out for their own best interests and often in the employ of wealthy advokists and pontiffs, grim enforcers of the guild’s agenda. The Azorius are likewise rife with inquisitors, who bring Azorius justice and law down on their enemies the hard way. Boros and Selesnya are also fitting guilds, though in the latter inquisitors are treated with a fair share of scrutiny for their unorthodox and often contradictory actions in the philosophy of the Conclave.

Magus Adepts of both spell and sword, magi are counted among the ranks of all of Ravnica’s guilds, though they are pulled to guilds that reflect both martial and arcane knowledge, such as the Azorius or Boros. Their flexibility also makes them popular as agents for the Dimir, who mix spellcraft and swordplay in intriguing ways to hide themselves form the populace at large.

Monk Monastic discipline is rare among the guild ranks, so most monks are from older fringe traditions and ideas either unknown or uncondoned by the guilds. Those monks that are guilded are usually Selesnyan, the guild’s philosophy of purity and nature correlating with the monk’s quest for spiritual balance. There are likewise Boros monks who follow a path of pious warfare, honing their bodies to nimble fighting machines and ruminating on the higher calling of glorious combat.

Oracle Blessed with mysterious powers granted from some divine mystery, oracles fit best in guilds that still have ties to some higher calling, though any guild could feasibly have an oracle. Selesnya evangels, Orzhov pontiffs, Azorius advokists and Gruul shaman are some of the most appropriate guild rolls for oracles.

Paladin Lawful defenders of their beliefs that they are, the paladin is drawn to guilds that have a code in mind. Azorius strive to uphold the law, Boros the people, and Orzhov the self and those closest to the paladin. Selesnya is also an ideal guild for the paladin, with a broad look out at the community.

Ranger As trackers, hunters and masters of finding their way, rangers are most often streetwise guides, who know the winding roads of Ravnica like the back of their hands. Urban rangers are the norm, and tend to work as independents, taking people through quick shortcuts and dangerous terriroty alike for the right amount of zinos. Of course, rangers likewise find ample employ in the guilds.

Rogue Like the ranger, the rogue knows her way around town, but is often savvier at the seedier ways of Ravnica’s underbelly. Rogues are as varied and diverse as can be, and thus can be counted among guilded and non-guilded alike; if anything, most rogues favor guilds like the Dimir, who use their stealth and ingenuity to get dirty work done.

Sorcerer The latent magical talent of the sorcerer’s blood sees them in all manner of roles in Ravnica. Among the Gruul, for instance, sorcerers tend to be seen with a mixture of superstition and quiet awe, for they are the ones that can put the literal fire behind the Gruul’s warriors. Still, sorcerers can be found in any guild.

Summoner Simic love summoners, and most summoners love the Simic. Their eidolons tend to be the result of Simic experimentation, and the ability to control their creature’s evolutionary pattern makes them line up near-perfectly with Simic philosophy.

Witch Because they gain their spellcasting ability through pacts with unknown entities, many witches favor guilds that can give them personal freedom and a connection to some natural element: the Cult of Rakdos has its blood witches, the Golgari hedge-mages and reanimators, and the Gruul shamans and soothsayers. Still other witches operate outside of the guilds, their magic and their pacts being their own business to do with as they please.

Wizard As rich in magic as Ravnica is, there is no guild guild that doesn’t have some learned wizard in its collective; even the most hedonistic guild has its lorekeepers. Wizards come from all walks of life and can be found in every corner of the city, as varied and eclectic as the magic they choose to study.


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