Selesnya Conclave

Preaching unity, harmony, and brotherhood, the Selesnya Conclave currently stand as Ravnica‘s largest organized religion (the Orzhov being the runner up). Their cause is dedicated to nature, and the Conclave’s members strive to protect and preserve the scarce natural areas of the city as well as, where they can, create more of it. Within the guild, all are considered equal, for in nature there is no true hierarchy. To them, Ravnica is a city in need of change, and they are the ones who feel they can do it for the better. With their ledev patrols helping to maintain peace along Ravnica’s highways, druids and nature spirits defending sacred groves, and their woodshapers and urban planners creating nature preserves, city parks and wooded enclaves, the Conclave ensures the safety and security of the faithful.

The overall goal of the guild is to acheive absolute peace and equality among all, and they believe that theirs is the only true path to this. Members of the Conclave seek to abandon their egos and join the united consciousness of the Worldsoul, where all are united in the soothing embrace of the web of life. Individuality, in this case, is frowned upon by the guild faithful. Evengelical criers sing the guild’s praises from every major street corner, preaching salvation by joining the “song” of the Conclave. They adamantly refuse to understand that there is anyone who wouldn’t want to join them, considering most others on wayward paths until they have accepted the all-encompassing harmony of the Conclave’s word.

Despite their unshakeable devotion and insistance that all Ravnica unite beneath their banner of religion, the Selesnya Conclave support harmony and joy in many forms. They have played a key part in the Festival of the Guildpact each year, inviting all of Ravnica to briefly take part in the Song of Selesnya regardless of creed or affiliation, and their topiary gardens and meditation fields are open to everyone so that all have a chance to experience the beauty and bliss of nature. Whether viewed as a selfless, nuturing path of wisdom or a brain-washing nature cult, the Selesnya Conclave continue to assert their influence on the City of Guilds.

Enter, honored friend, and see what joy awaits you when united with the community.

Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains: Community, Healing, Plant, Sun
Guildmaster: Trostani
Guidhall: Vitu-Ghazi
Values: Harmony and community, united under a single religious code. The Selesnya are always eager to allow new members into their group, and they try to encourage the people of Ravnica to join them in their faith. To the faithful in the Conclave, all others are lost unless part of their order.

Selesnya Conclave

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