Svogthir was a human necromancer and parun of the Golgari Swarm. Noted for his skill with the magic of rot and regrowth, the natural aspects of death feeding into life, he led an army of elves, societal outcasts and his own horde of undead, and was a significant force to be reckoned with in ancient times. During the war for supremacy he sided with the forces of chaos, but when the Guildpact was proposed he became an adamant supporter of the idea, proving instrumental in convincing his anarchistic allies to see the necessity of such a pact. The Golgari roll of recycling, waste management and food production was readily supplied by Svogthir, and the rest of the signatories agreed to it.

Svogthir would run the swarm for the thousands of years, his mortal life extended beyond that of a normal human thanks to his latent magic, and became a lich thanks to his mastery of necromancy. Even as his natural body decayed to nothing, he kept up his form by adding plant matter and pieces of other creatures into his form – including the torso of his former ally Cisarzim. Members of the guild often referred to Svogthir as the "god-zombie.

He remained unopposed in his role as guildmaster for eons, but in the early 9000s was challenged by his lieutenants, a quintet of gorgons called the Sisters of Stone Death and overthrown. Unable to turn the parun to stone or properly end his life, the Sisters sealed Svogthir away in the depths of the Undercity. But in 9999 ZC, the Devkarin matka Savra vod Salvo freed Svogthir and constructed him a new body, which in return allowed Svogthir to wreak vengeance on the Sisters. Once all but one of their number had been dispatched, Savra turned on Svogthir, smashing his skull and absorbing his life-essence into herself, taking his power and understanding of necromancy. She then claimed dominion over the Golgari.

But Svogthir lingered within Savra, and when she was killed during the Decamillennial the god-zombie possessed her corpse. Svogthir would later become a conspirator to control Ravnica during the Dissension Crisis, though his plans ultimately failed when the Simic‘s Experiment Kraj consumed the Combine’s old guildhall while he was inside it. It is unknown exactly what fate befell Svogthir, and most suspect he is no more. However, it is unwise to count out the magical talents of Ravnica’s most skilled necromancer, and it is likely that the canny lich still exists somewhere, plotting his return.


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