Teysa Karlov

"My face is up here, fool."

Teysa Karlov is Grand Envoy of the Orzhov Syndicate. When the Obzedat wish to communicate with anyone outside their circle, Teysa is the one who sees that their wishes are carried out, and is the spokesperson for the guild. She wields considerable power, being the ambassador and essential shaper of guild policy, and it is likely that Teysa has molded edicts to serve her own purposes. In many ways, Teysa has come to be the face of the Orzhov moreso than her spectral patrons, and many fear that to draw her ire means bringing the whole Syndicate to bear.

An advokist and past baroness of the Utvara Reclamation Zone, Teysa has always had a high station in the Guild of Deals, descended from a noble Orzhov family and with ancestors in the ranks of the Ghost Council, yet the circumstances of her birth are only a footnote in her rise in the Orzhov hierarchy. Teysa is an ideal prosecutor and lawmage, her understanding of the finer points of legal matters worthy of an Azorius and her ability to manipulate circumstances and people through subtle guile uncannily effective.

Teysa has likewise been noted for her exploits in the waning years of the Guildpact. She helped uncover the conspiracy behind the Cauldron Project and foiled the schemes of the megalomaniac Izzet mage in charge of it. During the Dissension Crisis she was called on by the Boros angel Feather to serve as the soon-to-be guildmaster’s advokist before the Azorius Senate, and the two would later work together to draw up the non-magical set of laws (The Official Accord and Guidance of the Guilds of Ravnica) that today govern the guilds. Some see her as a hero, and others a vile figurehead of the worst aspects of the guilds, but Teysa seems undaunted by any talk of her behind her back, and continues to oversee the operations of the Orzhov at the behest of the Ghost Council.

Teysa Karlov

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