Ravnica Revisited

Ravnica skyline

Welcome, dear friends, to the City of Ravnica. This world-spanning urban network is rife with intrigue and wonder, danger and horror, beauty and the most marvelous sights, sounds and sensations you will ever behold. It may all be a bit overwhelming, even to the well-accustomed planeswalkers!

Never fear: what you will find here is a handy and organized guide to the various ins and outs of the city, which will be continually updated and added to as new information comes to light. These are unstable times as Ravnica recovers from the loss of the old Guildpact and the frequent absences of the new one, so what is presented should be considered a continuous work-in-progress. If you care to delve further, please proceed to the Main Page to get started!

Ravnica Revisited started in 2012 (around the release of Return to Ravnica ) as an attempt to translate the universe of Magic: The Gathering’s Ravnica setting into a functional Pathfinder campaign world. Today, with the release of D&D 5th Edition’s Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, this page now serves as a general repository of lore and details for the setting, largely devoid of system rules (though still with some of the homebrew Pathfinder content scattered around) to aid players and Game Masters alike.

The original game was set after the events of the original Ravnica block, and shortly before the beginning of Return to Ravnica (roughly 10072 ZC), though is now being updated to the timeline before the events of War of the Spark (10076 ZC)

This website is not licensed by Wizards of the Coast nor its affiliates and is considered to be fan-made content, made purely for the enjoyment of the setting. All images, with exceptions noted, is content of Magic: The Gathering and Wizards of the Coast. Ravnica ® is © Wizards of the Coast. Pathfinder ® and its source content are © Paizo Publishing, and rules are made within the Open Gaming Licence. The content shown on this website will never be for sale.

Ravnica Revisited

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