Azorius Senate

“Attention citizens: it is with the greatest sense of honor and humility that I present for you this day, the 14th of Xivaskir, 10017 ZC, a detailed and organized list of the referendums, changes and updates to article D-7, sections i-through-xxxviii, including therein all clauses and subclauses covered by said measure, of the Azorius Apprehension and Detainment Procedures code. I thank you for your patience, and will be as brief as possible in presenting the stated details…”

-Lawmage Dilhanus’ opening dialogue of her five-hour presentation at the Forum of Azor.

Action leads to disorder. Emotion leads to crime. Only those with pure, unhindered intellect make it far in the Azorius ranks. They are the creators and upholders of law on Ravnica, and have an understanding of legal nuances that could baffle the average civilian. Azorius philosophy is highly beurocratic – history, stability, and the rule of law are paramount, and only by complete adhereance to these laws can the probability for dissent be squelched. Thus, the Senate is considered one of the most rigid, no-nonsense guilds on the plane.

The Azorius are known for writing laws, codes and statuetes that are so complex and incomprehensible to anyone but themselves, that the average citizen has almost no choice but to follow along with their proceedings – and those proceedings can be long ones. A standard Azorius trial, for instance, has been known to last for several months before reaching any sort of conclusion. No shortcuts are ever taken – that would be heresy to the guild members. Every practice must be followed with expert precision, every step must be taken, and every writ read in its full state. Even though the Azorius do have standing units of guards and hussar knights on beck and call, matters of enforcement are left to the Boros, and it is the powerful law magic that really defends the guild (after all, the Azorius militia would not want to scratch their thrice-shined and well-kept armor).

From the legal to military to magical, Azorius members use tactics of delay, distraction, and prevention. Many of Ravnica’s citizens have forgotten that the Azorius are Ravnica’s official government. Who could blame them, when the guild seems designed solely to prevent anything from happening?

Don't forget to wipe your feet before you come in.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Air, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune
Guildmaster: Isperia the Inscrutable
Guildhall: New Prahv
Values: Creating absolute order by placing countless laws and rules to hinder any change. The Azorius believe that their laws keep the entire plane of Ravnica from falling into ruin. As such, the Azorius must follow and enforce the protocol to a T.

Azorius Senate

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