House Dimir

“Look, the real scary thing about it is, you might have met a Dimir in the past and never knew it. Obviously they’re gonna stay real subtle when they’re out on the street, but I mean a real encounter. You won’t remember it, of course, ‘cause they’ll find a way to make you forget. It’s one thing to stick a knife in someone like some Rakdos thug, but its another to slough off memory, to make you oblivious to being manipulated. For Krokt’s sake, you get on their bad side, and they’ll literally make sure you’re forgotten, just like that! Can you imagine?”

-Unknown, transcript of last recorded conversation

Prior to the dissolution of the Guildpact, House Dimir was little more than a source of speculation and ghost stories across Ravnica, an unseen driving force working under the laws and politics of the city that most believed did not actually exist. The events of the Decamillennial and the aftermath brought the Dimir into the light, and though its existence is now a fact to the average Ravnican, the guild was not recognized formally in the non-magical tenants that currently govern city law. Most like to pretend the Dimir was indeed shut down, restructured and operates differently in the present; the alternative is so much more chilling.

House Dimir still remains a dark and enigmatic guild, their designs carefully planned and set into motion without the notice of the common folk. When other guilds want to operate on a clandestine level – whether it be brokering hidden deals, spying on their enemies or seeking to “removal” of certain individuals – they turn to the Dimir. Secrecy is the primary rationale, the very lifeblood, of the Unseen. Even its agents are not entirely sure who is pulling the strings. Kept in isolated cells, they know only what they are told and often conveniently forget who or what gave them their orders, sometimes erasing their own memories after a job to ensure their safety. Operatives carry out their duties efficiently and quietly. And if any let the secret slip, they are never heard from again.

On the surface, the Dimir put up the image of couriers, scholars, reporters and helpful dealers of information; the Ismeri Library, for instance, is owned and operated exclusively by Dimir members, yet is open to all. Some like to think the Dimir have reformed since Szadek‘s defeat and exile, and the lingering ideas of underworld dealings are meant to keep naughty children in line and to make those walk the midnight streets wary. However, most know this is just wishful thinking, and hasn’t stopped the wild stories of shapeshifters, shades, and nefarious plots from being told in taverns and around firesides on gloomy nights.

The Dimir are everywhere, you just need to know where to look

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Charm, Darkness, Knowledge, Magic, Trickery
Guildmaster: Unknown
Guildhall: Unknown
Values: Complete and utter secrecy. House Dimir works very hard to ensure they are never noticed when it matters, for their ultimate goal is the domination and control of Ravnica. Of course, this is all just speculation.

Playing Dimir

He'll never see it coming, and they'll never see me going...

The agents of House Dimir privately revel in the fact that they are Ravnica’s bogeymen, the stealthy movers and shakers of the city. They are sneaky, nefarious, and efficient, taking pride in their work for the guild. Yet they also recognize and respect – albeit begrudgingly – that some secrets were not meant for them. As a Dimir, you trade some aspects of knowledge one way for skills and knowledge in another, and you accept that on some level. Most Dimir know that their memories have likely been tampered with, whether by other forces in the guild or by self-induced to protect knowledge, and trust that the guild would only ruin them if they royally screw up – in which case, they’d be lucky to live. There are ambitious Dimir who seek to rise in the ranks of the guild to gain more confidences, but since the very structure of the guild is mysterious – even to its own agents – it is difficult to determine what warrants advancement.

No matter what role one plays as a Dimir, discretion and secrecy are absolutely essential. A Dimir knows that breaking the guild’s confidences could be disastrous, with the most dire consequences imaginable. For this reason, a Dimir keeps her guild affiliation a secret, even from her closest allies, living a double-life. They often pose as members of other guilds to gain confidences, and some can go through entire careers keeping up this facade. Some Dimir are part of the guild’s public face, admitting to being guild members but maintaining the assertion that they are simply couriers and informants. In some cases, this is true, though it is rare for someone like this to be uninformed of the guild’s real dealings; a Dimir clerk by day could be an assassin by night.

House Dimir

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