The Pillar of Paruns in the Tenth District, supposedly built on the grounds where the Guildpact was signed.

Parun is a title given to the ten signatories of the Guildpact and essential founders of the modern-day guilds. In order to bring about a semblance of order and cooperation on ancient Ravnica, the paruns took part in the creation of the Guildpact to ensure their factions had a role and purpose in this new world order. Some of the paruns yet exist today, still leading their guilds ten millennia after signing the Guildpact.

Paruns By Guild

Azorius Senate: Azor I, the human lawmage who initially conspired the draft for the Guildpact.

Boros Legion: Razia, an archangel.

Cult of Rakdos: Rakdos the Defiler, a demon.

Golgari Swarm: Svogthir, the “god-zombie” and most powerful necromancer of his time.

Gruul Clans: Cisarzim, the cyclops Lord of Chaos.

House Dimir: Szadek, a vampire.

Izzet League: Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and Ravnica’s oldest living dragon.

Orzhov Syndicate: Unknown, perhaps a member/members of the Ghost Council ranks.

Selesnya Conclave: Mat’Selesnya, a dryad.

Simic Combine: A forgotten biomancer known only by their surname of Simic.


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