Rix Maadi

The Dungeon Palace, where Rakdos merrymaking is constant and death happens every minute.

Rix Maadi, the Dungeon Palace, is the guildhall of the Cult of Rakdos and the home of the demon lord Rakdos himself. A guildhall built around a lava pit in the Undercity, Rix Maadi is nearly as deadly to get to as it is when one arrives. The most direct route to Rix Maadi is an immense stone staircase that leads down an ancient tunnel called the Demon’s Vestibule. The crumbling walls of the tunnel are covered in colorful banners and old bloodstains, and the echoes of screams and hideous laughter can be heard from the depths, even over the gurgle of flowing magma.

In front of Rix Maadi is a vast, derelict courtyard with a large, defaced fountain at its heart. In the center of the fountain, a once-beautiful statue of a rearing centaur is partially smashed and smeared with various substances. The courtyard looks like an acrobat troupe fled without bothering to pack up their equipment. A rickety tightrope is strung across the courtyard. Several trapezes dangle from rusty hooks. Human-size wooden cages lay tipped on their sides and discarded spiky tools with dubious functional use are scattered haphazardly. On closer inspection, everything is blood-splattered. This courtyard is the site of the most notorious—and fatal—Rakdos festivals.

Rix Maadi stands at the far end of the courtyard, its ornate stone edifice flanked by jagged basalt pillars flowing with lava streams. Only the facade of Rix Maadi resembles an actual building: inside, Rix Maadi is a large natural cavern with a high ceiling and a giant lake of lava. Here, Rakdos holds court over his vile congregation of murderers, sadists and thrill-seeking carnies in what seems to be a endless mad party. Numerous twisting passages lead to grotesque galleries and torture chambers, where the Rakdos cultists practice their “art.”

Rix Maadi

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