The Lord of Secrets himself

Szadek was the parun and former guildmaster of House Dimir. Known as the Lord of Secrets, he was an ancient psychic vampire, drawing as much sustenance from stolen memory and thought as he did blood, and a powerful force of manipulative evil.

Little is known of Szadek or his motives prior to his rise as a parun. When the Guildpact was signed, Szadek joined in order to allow his guild to continue to operate in the shadows. House Dimir’s function in the Guildpact was, essentially, to try and control and conquer Ravnica, serving as a active counterpoint to balance the Azorius and Boros. Likewise, a clause in the Guildpact’s structure that Szadek bargained for was that the guild’s existence would remain a secret kept by the other nine, allowing the Dimir to maintain anonymity. This crucial element would give Szadek an edge, and for centuries he quietly planned and orchestrated little schemes, while the rest of the world moved forward and began to consider Szadek little more than a story, a bogeyman meant to illustrate the necessity of the Guildpact.

Szadek’s patient scheming came to fruition around the time of the Decamillennial celebration. Having infiltrated the ranks of both the Golgari and the Selesnya Conclave, Szadek carefully manipulated his pawns in each until making his big move. On the night of the festival, Szadek attempted to sow chaos by draining the life of Mat’Selesnya and channeling confusion and fear through the Conclave’s encompassing Song. He was stopped just in time by the famed Wojek veteran Agrus Kos, and arrested for his crimes. However, as Szadek was simply serving his function in the Guildpact, his arrest itself exploited a loophole in the Guildpact’s magic and caused a paradoxical fracture in it, one that would slowly grow over time.

Taken to an Azorius prison, Szadek was secretly executed by the Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. However Szadek’s ghost rose more powerful than before, a shade-like spirit that could command other souls of the dead. Sent to Agyrem, Szadek led the spectral forces there in an attack on the Parhelion and its crew of angels when they arrived in the Ghost Quarter, slaying most of them and the guildmaster Razia in the process. He was thwarted again by Agrus Kos, but would get his revenge on Augustin when his spirit, released by Kos in Prahv, devoured the Grand Arbiter’s soul.

For a time Szadek and his forces stalked Agyrem once the Ghost Quarter was overlaid with the city. Then Agyrem disappeared, folded back into its own demiplane, taking Szadek with it. Some believe the vampiric spirit still haunts the Ghost Quarter, even yet turning plans in his vile mind to return to Ravnica and conquer.


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