The Guilds

The symbols of the Guilds

The guilds are ten powerful organizations that form the governing body of Ravnica, the very backbone of the city. For more than ten-thousand years, these ancient groups have overseen the day-to-day operations of Ravnica, each responsible for a respective function necessary to keep the city stable. While each has its own power structure and set of values, the guilds more-or-less work in tandem to keep the city running smoothly, originally bound by the complex and intricate magic of the Guildpact to ensure the balance of power. Though most of the guilds have their headquarters in Ravnica’s Tenth District, their guildgates and enclaves can be found anywhere in the city, and their presence is felt across the entire plane.

Having recovered and restructured to some semblance of their old selves after the initial chaos from the breaking of the Guildpact, the guilds have begun to vie for more power, testing the limits of their newfound freedom and enacting secret agendas. An uneasy tension currently sits between the guilds, and small incidents of confrontation have begun to crop up.

Azorius Senate

Boros Legion

Cult of Rakdos

Golgari Swarm

Gruul Clans

House Dimir

Izzet League

Orzhov Syndicate

Selesnya Conclave

Simic Combine

The Guilds

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