Just who is this regal merfolk?

Zegana is the current guildmaster of the Simic Combine and the prime speaker of Zonot One. A member of the recently re-revealed merfolk race, Zegana was among the early parties to first make contact with the surface of Ravnica, a representative of her aquatic species. Seemingly eager to have her people integrate with the rest of Ravnica’s population and somehow aware of the affairs on the surface, she took charge of tracking down the remnants of the old Simic and convincing them to unite under a new banner. At the Forum of Azor during a public hearing, she presented the Fathom Edict and announced her intent to reform the Simic.

Very little is known of Zegana’s personality and motives – she is as enigmatic and regal as the rest of her race, so long hidden in subterranean oceans. Guild members describe her as a noble and far-seeing figure, leading the Combine to adapt life for a better future. She has pointed out that her position is tenuous, claiming to be merely a voice for the greater Speakers’ Chamber, who may at any time revoke her status and replace her with a different guildmaster. Many wonder if this is false modesty and if such a Chamber exists at all, but there is little evidence to conclude either side. One interesting note is that she is aware – and might have likewise taken part – of the Wilds Initiative, which would reflect her views on nature and the other guilds.

Though considered the speaker of Zonot One, she spends most of her time in Zonot Seven, in the Simic guildhall of Zameck.


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