A firemane angel of the Boros.

In a place as shaped by the whims of a populace as Ravnica, it is not surprising that beings like angels exist as embodiments of order, justice and higher ideals. While their exact origins are shrouded in the mists of Ravnica’s ancient past, it is known that angels are beings of magic, created from the purest concentrations of white mana, and care only for the betterment and protection of others.

Unlike angels on other worlds, angels on Ravnica are native to the material plane, or so most believe. They are all female, and lack the ability to change their shape to disguise their angelic appearance – duplicity is a tactic favored by skulking Dimir, and angels are nothing if not prideful of their existence and role in it. They are at times wrathful and egotistical, at other times gentle and humble; but all are fervently dedicated to a cause, hence why the majority of angels on Ravnica today are part of the guilds.

The Boros Legion is the guild most associated with the angelic host – it’s parun, Razia, is the source the guild’s unique firemane angels, and sometimes thought to be the mother of all angels in general; and its current guildmaster is now responsible for ensuring the return of angelkind to Ravnica, after their near extinction during the Dissension Crisis. Boros angels are aggressive defenders of justice, purging foes of law with a combination of holy energy and fiery magic. These angels are almost always Lawful Good.

Orzhov angels carry their own dark allegiances with pride.

A few angels do stray from the path of the righteous Boros, however, feeling they deserve to be treated with the respect and awe they deserve rather than be a mere soldier in the Legion. And being manifestations of community and faith, these angels tend to gravitate toward the calling of the Orzhov Syndicate, where they are often revered as icons and figureheads of the Church of Deals. Orzhov angels can become brutal cartel leaders, pontiffs and executioners in their own right, while other gain power by serving guild patriarchs as envoys and enforcers: many of the guild’s most powerful angels serve as the eyes and ears of the Ghost Council, overseeing the agenda of the Obzedat’s individual Deathless. Orzhov angels are Lawful Evil.

Some angels break the mold and defend those without a guild to protect them.

Still other disillusioned angels find the guilds too corrupt and controlling to really serve the needs of the community, and defect entirely to follow their own sense of justice. In recent years, these “rogue angels” have been growing in number, and have found a cause in the burgeoning Gateless Movement. These angels vary in motivation, tactics and purpose, but with little exception have a Lawful bent, seeking out those in need and being the shield to those who have no guild to support them.


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