The demon lord awakens!

Rakdos, known as the Defiler and the Lord of Riots, is the parun and guildmaster of his namesake cult. An ancient demon whose origins are lost in the mists of time, Rakdos was a major threat in pre-Guildpact Ravnica, craving only destruction and death for his grisly amusement. Rakdos joined in the signing of the Guildpact only to give him and those that followed his example room to continue their vile practices, otherwise risk the remaining nine guilds joining forces to stop him. For the others, Rakdos and his cult being formally mandated as a guild was an attempt to reign in some measure of control, perhaps to give the demon a broader and more far-reaching purpose, or merely to keep him preoccupied so his fests of carnage and desecration would be reduced to manageable incidents.

Before the Dissension Crisis, Rakdos spent the majority of his time lounging in the magma-filled chambers of Rix Maadi, either sleeping in his favorite pit of molten rock or amusing himself by torturing or eating some of his followers. Occasionally Rakdos would stir enough to make some decree or other that his fanatical cultists would brutally enforce, but otherwise remained ensconced in his dungeon palace, leaving an acting guildmaster to “operate” the guild. However, an attempted coup staged by one of his blood witches brought him out of his doldrums in the midst of the Dissension, and the demon lord would rise completely and walk the surface of Ravnica for the first time in centuries. Rakdos successfully killed one of the marauding nephilim and did battle with Experiment Kraj, a Simic creation meant to destroy the demon. These two titans bested each other, with Rakdos being rendered comatose and Kraj destroyed.

Since then, Rakdos has been healing in his favorite lava pit, slowly recovering from his grievous wounds. Though recently awakened from his coma, Rakdos is still not at his full strength. Instead, he has taken a more active role with his cult, sending his followers out to wreak havoc in the wake of the Guildpact’s absolution. His underlings bring him stories and experiences of their macabre exploits and dreadful festivals, and those that please Rakdos the most are eventually consumed by the demon, their blood providing the residual memories and experiences for Rakdos to enjoy, much like a fine wine. Thus Rakdos continues to sow discord and death across Ravnica, lavishing in it one choice cultist at a time. Many Ravnicans fear the day that Rakdos completely heals, for there is no magical Guildpact left to stop him from doing exactly what he wants.


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