A burning figurehead of justice and fury.

Razia was the parun of the Boros Legion, an archangel formed from the purest aspects of duty and passion. In ancient times, she led the forces of justice and order in the infamous war between the factions to control Ravnica, and her greatest foe is popularly said to have been Cisarzim, the Lord of Chaos and leader of the Gruul Clans. When Azor I proposed the creation of the Guildpact, it was Razia who took up arms to support it, and after helping “convince” the forces of chaos to see the sense in the magic, was one of the first to sign it.

Razia was a distant figure to the Boros, always there but just out of reach. This semi-detached status would allow Boros devout to evoke her name like that of a god, and Razia would in turn inspire hope, confidence and might in the members of the Legion. Her presence was similarly felt in the angels she created, who managed the guild from their floating skyship Parhelion and carried out the archangel’s orders. When a situation truly warranted her presence, she would appear as a fiery avenger from above, burning the wicked with her flaming sword as she brought awe to those with noble hearts.

Prior to the disastrous events of the Decamillennial, Razia and her angels vanished from the face of Ravnica, traveling in the Parhelion to the plane of Agyrem as they investigated the unanswered questions behind the Ghost Quarter. While there, they were attacked by the ghostly forces of Szadek, and Razia was killed by the House Dimir parun, along with all the other angels save Feather. The new guildmaster would later attempt to mirror her fallen leader, and would slowly create the next generation of angels in her image.


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